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What is a Hacker?


Lets clear the air a little bit...within the industry, hackers are not trying to bring down Facebook for 10 minutes, or destroy the President's email inbox. A hacker is someone who “Explores the intersection of art and science in an insatiable quest to understand and shape the world around them.” Hackers are pioneers and innovators, inventors and creators, and are dedicated to building something new and unique using their technological skillsets. If you have ever created anything, whether it be with Legos or Linux you are a hacker at heart, and we have a space just for you.


What is Hackerspace?


Hackerspaces are community-based organizations where individuals can come together and work on their projects. They provide a stable and professional working environment, the tools to get the job done, and resources to promote and grow new products and businesses. Regular technology events and seminars provide resources for members to grow their skillsets and develop their ideas. If you love technology or creating something new, Momentum Hackerspace is for you.


Why Choose Momentum?


At Momentum, we love technology and being involved with the people who bring new ideas to life. Our collaborative workspace is designed to bring out the inner hacker in our clients, and give a platform to make your ideas come to life. We are interested in robotics, 3D printing, computer networking and design, inventions, gadgets, models, gizmos, and doohickeys. If you have something to create, we want to give you the space to do it.